How To Order

Purchasing a memorial is a unique experience. You are making decisions that will endure for generations. Very often, those decisions must represent the varied wishes and opinions of family members. At Flachtemeier Monument Company, our trained professionals can help guide you through the important decisions involved in creating a memorial of everlasting beauty.

Step One
Determine the requirements and regulations of your cemetery. Many cemeteries have monument size and shape requirements based on the number of graves a family owns. Some cemeteries only allow specific colors of granite, while others require bronze markers. For help finding your cemetery's requirements, call us at 815-235-2312.

Step Two
Select the color of granite for the memorial. Granite color varies depending on where it was quarried. To offer you the largest selection possible, we source our grantie from all over the world.  In fact, we have the largest selection of colors available in the Freeport/Rockford area.  Memorial price depends, in part, on your choice of granite.

Step Three
Your monument should be a reflection of the people it represents.  To create meaningful symbolism, please consider several important questions:
1) What was the deceased particularly proud of?
2) What were their special interests or hobbies?
3) Were they active in any clubs or organizations?
4.)  How do you think they would like to be remembered?

For some help coming up with an epitaph, please visit  this link to Inspiration and Words of Comfort.

While it may seem overwhelming, our memorial consultants are very adept at guiding families through the memorial design process. The best way to get started is to visit our showroom. Our Freeport location has an extensive display of premier monuments that help serve as a starting point.

Depending on the design and granite color, your memorial can take from six weeks to six months to be made. Popular granite colors and sizes are often already in our inventory and since we are one of the few monument companies in the regon with our own manufacturing plant, your memorial can be made and delivered promptly when time is of the essence.  

We invite you to view a slide show of our manufacturing plant to get an overview of how grave markers are made.